Selected sources

For parts of this book I relied extensively on work done by me, my colleagues and external contributors at Gavekal Dragonomics and the China Economic Quarterly. Normally this material is available only to paying subscribers, but the firm has kindly granted permission for all work cited in the book to be made freely accessible to the public. Links to these articles are arranged below, according to the chapter of the book in which they are first cited. Readers interested in the Gavekal Dragonomics research service may visit the website or contact


Chapter 1 – Overview: China’s Political Economy

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Chapter 2 – Agriculture, Land and the Rural Economy

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Chapter 3 – Industry and the Rise of the Export Economy

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Chapter 4 – Urbanization and Infrastructure

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Chapter 5 – The Enterprise System

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Chapter 6 – The Fiscal System and Central-Local Government Relations

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Chapter 7 – The Financial System

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Chapter 8 – Energy and the Environment

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Chapter 9 – Labor and Demographics

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Chapter 10 – The Emerging Consumer Economy

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Chapter 11 – The Social Compact: Inequality and Corruption

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Chapter 12 – Changing the Growth Model

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Chapter 13 – Conclusion: China and the World

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Appendix – Are China’s Economic Statistics Reliable?

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