A couple of interviews

If you want a full exposition of my views on where China’s economy is headed, and you can’t find your way to any of my book talks (shame!) then the next best thing is to listen to this podcast interview on the Sinica podcast, an excellent weekly all-China interview show hosted by the inimitable Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, two of the most interesting and idiosyncratic China watchers out there. Kaiser was a rock musician in Beijing in the 1990s, then morphed into a guru on China’s growing internet economy before landing at internet search engine Baidu as the head of its international corporate communications. Jeremy worked on a series of Chinese magazines before setting up his own China media-watching website, Danwei.org, which he ultimately sold to the Financial Times. Kaiser and Jeremy started their podcast as a hobby in 2010 and are now working on it full time, with distribution via the China information website SupChina.

They kindly offered me an hour-long slot to expound my numerous opinions, which I did in an ad-hoc and highly hipsterish recording studio in the shadow of the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn. Because Kaiser and Jeremy are very well-informed, and because we had plenty of time, we were able to dig into the full range of China issues in much greater depth than is normally possible in a TV or radio interview. Please have a listen and give Kaiser and Jeremy your ongoing support by subscribing to Sinica.

I also recently did a podcast interview at the Mercator Institute of China Studies in Berlin, which is easily Europe’s best China-oriented think tank. This one is more concise but covers much of the same ground as my Sinica interview.